"Dont Gain The World and Lose Your Soul...Wisdom Is Better Than Silver and Gold"- Bob Marley

Monday, April 18, 2011


The DreamTeam Is a Very Complex and Powerful Team Of Brothers, That Consist Of Artist, Producers, Designers, Barbers ect... @Capitol_E @KayFamous and @C33Z = R-Side (Hip/Hop) , @Leaks4LIE @DeShaun4LIE @DennisK4Lie = L.I.E (R&B/Pop), @Kimron=Kimron (Hip/Hop) And Trytun=TrytunzWorld (Hip/Hop, Pop, Techno and Rock).... Music Isn't The Only Source Of The DreamTeams Energy...THESE GUYZ REALLY DO IT ALL!!!...@Capitol_E=Vision Alternative (Photo/Video), @C33Z=Tattoo High (Body Art) Designer @LawrenceENurse= TripleLSoceity (Clothing Brand) and @NateBarberr =5oclock Shadow (Barber)... And The List Goes On....They Are Definitely The Mega Zord Of The "Game".....Heres Their Latest Video DreamWorld With R-Side, Leaks And Kim'ron ---> IM IN A DREAMWORLD!!!!! >=)


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